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Langrun Automotive Electrical Connections Products
More than 2000 kinds of auto/car connections connectors and relative products.
Provide mating components.
High quality raw materials make good quality products.
Replacement of brand type.
Langrun Automotive Connectors
Automotive connectors are widely used in every parts of the car. Use with wiring harness, they are able to offer the connection solution between each component with the car well and safe.
Langrun Electric Langrun offer one-step service from design, develop to produce.

With the 30 years of mold manufacturering experience, Langrun is capable of product development and mould processing. We pay more attention to quality control and control the quality strictly. Our car electrical connection products are well-know and get a good repution among the customers in the world.

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    Advanced production equipments.
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    Professional technical team.
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    Strong research and development department.
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    Exported to more than 30 countries all over the world.
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    Top 10 automotive cable tie supplier in china.
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  • Why choose Langrun?

    More than 11 years experience in manufacturing kinds of automotive connector, cable ties and other relative products. Focus on the quality control with a strict control system. At the same time, Langrun have a professional technical team and research and development department to make sure to provide professional technical support and solution for the customers. As a Tier two supplier of Automotive OEMs,Langrun is good at designing and producing the products according to customer’s requirement.

  • What is the automotive connector?

    Automotive connector is the component to provide the signal connection and power transmission for vehicles. Make a connection between bundles of wires or the conjunction of a bundle of wires and electric part.

    A set of automotive connector consist of the terminal, housing, insulation and other accessories.

  • How can automotive terminal be divided into?

    The automotive terminals are mainly divided into male terminals and female terminals. Each male terminal has a female terminal with a matching size, which can not be used interchangeably.

  • What is the material of the car insurance box?


  • What is the Material of Langrun Cable Tie?

    Nylon PA66