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Analysis of Some Faults of Automotive Connector Terminals

Automotive connector terminals are essential electronic components in automobiles, so if the automobile connector terminals fail, the automobile will be affected.

1. Automotive connector terminals are easy to burn out

There are many problems that cause this kind of phenomenon. In addition to the quality of the automotive connector terminal, the main reasons include: the actual switching current exceeds the rated switching current of the car connector terminal, and the actual inrush current exceeds the rated switching current of the connector. In order to avoid this phenomenon, the rated current is 2-3 times of the actual switching current (experience multiple). At the same time, the impact current of the connector is 2-3 times of the actual current (experience multiple).

2. Car connector terminal contact welding

Generally speaking, as to the contact welding phenomenon, the temperature rise of the coil of the AC conversion connector is higher than that of the DC conversion connector. This is due to the eddy current loss and hysteresis loss in the magnetic circuit. In addition, when the switching converter connector works at a voltage lower than the rated voltage, a "jumping" phenomenon may occur, which often occurs when the motor is started. This will cause damage to the connector due to burning, contact welding, or disconnection of the self-protection circuit. Therefore, precautions must be taken to prevent fluctuations in the power supply voltage.

3. The coil temperature rise is too high, which reduces the reliability of the automobile connector terminal

Due to the loss of copper wire and the loss of magnetic materials such as the iron core, the temperature of the coil rises. In addition, the temperature of the coil rises due to the heat transfer of the contact point.

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