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Application of Connectors in Car Wiring Harness

1. Application range of car wiring harness connectors

Car wiring harness connectors are used in car wiring harnesses, electrical appliances, office equipment, business machines, electronic cables and electronic control components, motorcycle wiring harnesses, etc., and are also used in digital products. With the increase of automobile functions and the popularization and application of electronic control technology, there will be more and more electronic components and wire harnesses.

2. The application of connectors in car wiring harnesses

Car wiring harness connectors are a kind of terminal consisting of a plug and a socket. The car audio wiring harness is a relay station for the wiring harness in the car circuit. The connection between wire harnesses and the connection between wire harness and electrical components are usually achieved by a connector, which is connected to the wiring harness of the car. It is an important car component that connects various electrical and electronic devices. To prevent the connector from detaching during driving, we use a connector blocking device.

Wire harness connectors, such as car wiring harness connectors, are important components used in automobiles to connect various electrical and electronic devices. They transmit electrical signals between power supplies, switches, electrical appliances and electronic devices. They are called the car's nerves and are used to control the car's electrical signals.

Car wiring harness connectors have the characteristics of good sealing and beautiful appearance. Main features: Unipolar 75 amp connector and terminal, working voltage of 600 volts (either AC or DC), plug life more than 5000 times, withstand voltage insulation voltage of 2200 volts, on-resistance 100 micro ohms.

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