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Automotive Connector

Automotive connector are widely used in the car, truck and so on. According to the classification of its application, it can be divided into oxygen sensor connector, fuel pump electrical connector, pressure sensor connector, ecu harness connectors, car audio connectors, car speaker wire connectors, hid connector, car headlight connector, car bulb connector, car fuse box connector, instrument panel connector and etc.

All those connectors are assembled in different system and place inside the car. Like in body systerms, chassis systems, poweertrain systems, safety systems, lighting systems, audio systems. There are many different types with different functions. Langrun Electric produce more than 2000 types automotive connectors to choose.

Langrun is one of the leading automotive electrical connectors suppliers/manufacturers in China, we provide 2/3/4 wire automotive electrical connectors with superior quality, feel free to contact us!

Types of Automotive/Auto/Car Wire/Electrical Connectors

Automotive Connector-FAQs

  • What is the automotive connector?

    Automotive connector is the component to provide the signal connection and power transmission for vehicles. Make a connection between bundles of wires or the conjunction of a bundle of wires and electric part.

    A set of automotive connector consist of the terminal, housing, insulation and other accessories.

  • What's the industrial standard of the automotive connector?

    Adopt the relative industrial standard IATF 16949:2016.

  • What's the application of the automotive connector?

    The automotive connector is widely used in the different system and position of the car, like in automotive safety system, automotive engine system, automotive lighting system, automotive chassis system and installed in the pressure sensor,ECU part, HID part, car speaker wire part,lamp,fuse box part and so on.

  • How many types of automotive connectors do you produce?

    There are many different types produce. Like oxygen sensor connector, fuel pump connector, Pressure sensor connector, Automotive ECU connector, Automotive Audio connector etc.

  • What is the operating temperature range for automotive connectors?

    The operating temperature is -40℃~120℃.

  • What is an automotive connector?

    Automotive connector is electric components used inside of automotive, truck, motorcycle which bridge a gap between two conductors in a circuit. To make sure all components works normal and safe.

  • What are the appropriate applications for automotive connectors?

    The automotive connectors are wide range of applications. You can see the automotive connectors in every car or bus or truck. They are widely used in lighting systems, audio systems, body systems, chassis systems, safety systems etc.

  • What is the temperature range for Langrun Automotive connectors?

    The temperature range for Langrun automotive connectors is from -40℃ to 120℃.

  • Are all Langrun automotive connectors waterproof?

    Not all Langrun automotive connectors are waterproof. The waterproof type is matching with the rubber seal. It is depend on the application.

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