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Application of Connectors in Car Wiring Harness

1. Application range of car wiring harness connectorsCar wiring harness connectors are used in car wiring harnesses, electrical appliances, office equipment, business machines, electronic cables and e...

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Analysis of Some Faults of Automotive Connector Terminals

Automotive connector terminals are essential electronic components in automobiles, so if the automobile connector terminals fail, the automobile will be affected.1. Automotive connector terminals are ...

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Design and Use of Automotive Fuse Holder

1. The design of automotive fuse holderIn terms of structure, the fuse used in the car generally adopts a plug-in design. The entire fuse will have its engineering plastic shell, which will effectivel...

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What is the Role of the Automotive Connector

1. The automotive connector is the tools for connecting the internal equipment of the carThe car can realize the connection between the car and various internal devices through the automotive connecto...

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Classification of Cable Ties: 1-piece Fixing Tie for Weld Stud

Fixing ties with weld stud mounts are primarily used in the automotive industry.However, 1-piece fixing tie for weld studs are also used in all other areas where cables and wires have to be guided saf...

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Classification of Cable Ties: Double Loop Cable Tie

The double loopcable tie with cylinder nutor J-hooks are specially designed, which can be easily disassembled and reused without using knife or side cutter, but it is convenient to rotate.The double l...

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What is the Effect of Temperature on Nylon Ties?

With the rapid development of society and economy, the application of nylon cable ties has gradually expanded. It involves all walks of life. The market demand for nylon cable ties is also increasing....

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A Carefully Made Car Cable Tie

1. Nylon cable ties for auto harnessThe use of nylon cable ties brings great convenience. The reusable cable ties have complex structure and high requirements for material processing. In particular, n...

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