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Types and Performance Analysis of Nylon Cable Zip Ties

In terms of the types of nylon cable zip ties, they can usually be divided into self-locking nylon cable zip ties, loose nylon cable zip ties, and bead hole nylon zip ties. Different types of nylon ca...

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Basic Knowledge of Using Automotive Nylon Cable Ties

With the development of economy and the increase of social demand, the application scope of nylon cable ties is becoming wider and wider, involving all aspects of life and production. How much do you ...

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Precautions and Failure Analysis of Automotive Fuse Box

1. Precautions and open-circuit voltage of the automotive fuse boxThe fuse in the automotive fuse box needs to be replaced according to the rated current value indicated on the box cover. Do not use a...

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Precautions for Using Automotive Tie Wraps

Automotive tie wraps are one of the most common automotive accessories. The automotive tie wrap is convenient and simple to use, so it is loved by many users, but many users will also find that the co...

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Application, Principle and Quality Identification of Automotive Nylon Cable Ties

Ⅰ. Application of automobile nylon cable tiesWith the rapid development of the automobile industry, the speed of automobile production is very amazing. Generally, many automobile harnesses are set in...

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What Are the Applications of Nylon Cable Ties in the Automotive Industry? What Are the Precautions?

The nylon cable tie is a binding tool that will be used in many industries. Although many people believe that wire tie wraps are mostly used to bind some wires and cables, they will be applied in hous...

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Fixing Method of Automobile Wiring Harness Tie Wrap

1. Fixing of automobile wiring harness: tie wrap and buckleHarness fixing design is a very important item in the design of harness layout, and its main forms mainly include tie wrap, buckle and suppor...

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Service Life of Nylon Cable Ties in Various External Conditions

1. Service life of nylon tie wrapsThe service life of nylon tie wraps in normal external environment is about ten years. However, depending on the service environment, it will have a great impact on t...

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