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Classification of Cable Ties: 1-piece Fixing Tie for Weld Stud

Fixing ties with weld stud mounts are primarily used in the automotive industry.

However, 1-piece fixing tie for weld studs are also used in all other areas where cables and wires have to be guided safely by means of weld studs or threaded bolts.

These ties are available with fixed heads (with a defined position) as well as with flexible heads (with space to move).

1. Features of 1-piece fixing tie for weld stud

  • The tie with standard M5 or M6 size bolt

  • The tie head is always in a fixed position

  • Easy installation without tools

2. Application of 1-piece fixing tie for weld stud

It is mainly used in the automotive industry and is suitable for various applications requiring welding bolts or ISO bolts to bind and fix.These parts can be used for welding stud or ISO bolt and cable binding and protection in a variety of applications (WS series for 1 / 4mm long stud, t120rsm, dct9 & dct11), mainly designed for automotive industry.

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