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Classification of Cable Ties: Double Loop Cable Tie

The double loopcable tie with cylinder nutor J-hooks are specially designed, which can be easily disassembled and reused without using knife or side cutter, but it is convenient to rotate.The double loopcable tieas a hanger for communication cable support. Cables can be tied and hung at virtually any angle, whether perpendicular or parallel, even from beams by using a standard beam clamp. The ease of use and multiple mounting options allows you to save time and have more flexibility in any project. These non-metallic cable hangers are more economically priced than traditional methods, and are more cost effective than cable trays or J-hooks.

1. Features of double loop cable ties:

  • More flexibility in any project

  • Designed for easy release of multiple batches of wiring harness

  • Suitable for temporary color coding

  • Due to flexible binding, the binding materials are soft

  • Double loop cable tie is convenient to rotate, which can be easily disassembled

In addition to different sizes and white and beige, the double line series includes a black UV resistant variant that can be used outdoors.

2. Application of double loop cable ties:

The double line series nylon cable tie with cylinder lock is often used in automotive industry, with designed for fixing cable harnesses in the automotive industry their simplicity, and ease of use, has seen these parts used in everything from aircraft, to switch-gear, to washing machines.

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