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Functions of Auto Fuse Block

1. Introduction of auto fuse block

Automobile fuse boxes belong to the category of automobile fuse holders, and automobile fuse boxes are also boxes used to install automobile fuses. The difference between the base and the box is actually not that big. The base is a base type, generally not sealed, and the box is generally included inside. Perhaps it is due to the water-proof and moisture-proof problem, so the car fuse box products are derived.

According to the fuse size of the device, the auto fuse block can be divided into: large car fuse box, medium car fuse box, small car fuse box.

2. Roles of the auto fuse block

Automotive fuse boxes are generally made of engineering plastics such as PVC and PBT as raw materials. Each kind of raw material is different, and its high-temperature resistance is different. Automobile fuse boxes generally require high temperature-resistant materials. That is because some fuse blocks for cars need to be installed in the automobile engine compartment, and the temperature of the automobile engine compartment is very high during operation.

In the process of selecting a car fuse box, you should consider the current size of the car fuse used, the size requirements of the fuse, and the raw materials to choose a suitable fuse box.

In terms of safety, car fuses generally need to be installed in the car fuse box. There are many circuit reorganizations in cars, for example, reorganizations such as car lights and stereos are directly connected to the battery. The function of the car fuse box is to prevent a circuit from short-circuiting and burning the battery.

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