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Precautions and Failure Analysis of Automotive Fuse Box

1. Precautions and open-circuit voltage of the automotive fuse box

The fuse in the automotive fuse box needs to be replaced according to the rated current value indicated on the box cover. Do not use a fuse with a higher current than the rated current. If the new fuse in the car fuse box is blown immediately, it means that there may be a failure in the circuit system and it should be repaired as soon as possible.

If there is no spare fuse for the automotive fuse box, the fuse on other equipment that has no impact on the driving and safety can be used in an emergency. If a fuse with the same current load cannot be found, a fuse with a lower current than the rated current of an original fuse can be used.

For the normal current of the car fuse box, or the normal current flowing through the fuse in the circuit used, we must know that usually, we need to pre-set a derating amount, and then choose according to the following principles: the normal current must be less than the product of the rated current and the derating factor.

An automotive fuse box should certainly conform to its UL specification that the fuse should be blown quickly at 2 times the rated current, but in most cases, to ensure reliable fusing, we recommend that the fusing current should be greater than 2.5 times the rated current times. In addition, if the fusing time is important, you must also refer to the fusing characteristic diagram provided by the manufacturer to make a judgment.

2. What are the symptoms after the automotive fuse box is burned out?

Automotive fuse boxes are boxes used to install car fuses. Common materials are plastic, nylon, and bakelite. Automotive fuse boxes sometimes will be burned out due to some improper operation or other problems.

(1) The battery is charged, but the vehicle cannot be started. Probably that is because a fuse in the automotive fuse box, which is responsible for starting the motor, is blown. It should be noted that when it is found that the vehicle cannot be started, remember not to keep powering it on. Continued turning on the engine will cause the battery to continue to discharge, leading to the embarrassing situation of a complete power outage.

(2) When the vehicle is driving, the tachometer shows normal, but the speedometer shows zero, and the ABS warning light is on, indicating that the fuse corresponding to the ABS is blown. Some irregular merchants will pull out the fuse that manages ABS when transporting vehicles, in order not to increase the mileage, but this brings a lot of hidden dangers. Vehicles without ABS will be very dangerous in emergencies.

(3) If the glass water switch is pressed and the glass water is not sprayed, it may be because a foreign body blocks the nozzle or the nozzle freezes in winter. Remember not to press the glass water switch continuously at this time. Pressing the switch for a long time can cause the motor to overheat and blow the corresponding fuse.

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