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18 Pin Automotive Connector Housing

Widely employed in cars, trucks, and buses, 18 pin automotive connector housings are normally connected with the wire harness and assemblies in different places inside the vehicles.

Generally speaking, there are in total 2 different types of 18 pin automotive connectors and housings according to their own different applications. While one type is the waterproof connector, the other is the non-waterproof one.

Possessing the characteristics of excellent sealing performance, the waterproof housings can be used safely in various water or wet environments while providing a secure and stable connection. On the contrary, the non-waterproof connectors are normally applied in the dry areas of the vehicle interior.

As for the production of the 18 pin automotive connecter housings, Langrun Electric has always been following the requirements of TS1694 international quality control system strictly, and all the 18 pin connectors and housings produced by Langrun can fully comply with the RoHs and REACH requirements.

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