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2-Piece Fixing Ties with Fir Tree

2- Piece Fixing Ties with Fir Tree is made up of nylon cable tie and movable Fir Tree base. They are supplied ready assembled and offer a simple and versatile method of bundling and fixing cables. The Fir tree mount can be preassembled in a threaded round hole. 

The head after binding the wire harness can be moved flexibly. Easy to install without tools. The disc design of fir tree is reduces dust and dirt entry and provides additional stability during high frequency jitter. Arrow design makes it easy to lock and bundle the wire harness.

2- Piece Fixing Ties with Fir Tree  is mainly designed for the binding and fixing of cable harness in automobile industry. Because of its simple and easy to use, it is also widely used in aircraft manufacturing, switchgear and white goods industries, like washing machines.

Types of 2-Piece Fixing Ties with Fir Tree

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