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9 Pin Automotive Connector Housing

Performing different functions, all of the 9 pin automotive connectors manufactured by Langrun Electric can meet the high requirements of REACH and RoHS. To provide our customers with automotive plug connectors with consistent quality, Langrun has already applied the international quality control system, IATF16949:2016, into the production of our 9 pin housings.

Generally, there are two kinds of 9 pin automotive connectors. One is the waterproof connector, which is often matched with rubber wire seals and seal plugs. Its waterproof feature can greatly improve the adaptability of the machine to the environment and prevent foreign materials from entering into the connector and causing a short circuit. The other type is the non-waterproof 9 pin automotive connector. As for this type of 9 pin connectors, they are generally employed under dry circumstances, where there are no waterproof requirements.

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