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Automobile Cable Channel

Auto cable channel is a device used inside of automotive to fix a wire harness in place. It also called wire harness fixing bracket. It can protect the wire harness effectively by avoiding wear or ablation. The reliability of the wire harness is guaranteed, so as to improve the safety of the wire harness and the quality of the vehicle.

Auto cable channel which produced by Langrun is customized by customer's requirement. We will customize the design according to the outside diameter of the wire harness provided by the customer and the direction of the wire harness and the body environment of the wire groove to ensure the efficiency of the use of the product.

The auto cable channel comprises a bracket body, which is a strip plate, and two wire harness fastening holes are arranged on the bracket body for the wire harness fixing, and the wire harness fastening holes are respectively arranged near both ends of the strip plate. The wire harness fixing bracket is also provided with a bracket installation structure, which extends a piece on the plane of the bracket body and forms a bending Angle of 90 degrees with the bracket body.

Automobile Cable Channel for Sale

Langrun Automotive Control Cables Bracket

  • Offer customized design service. Our research and development department will design the cable channel according to customer’s ideal. Then make a solution to test if it is suit for them.

  • Many types for choosing, suit for each wire harness.

  • Easy to assemble and remove.

  • The raw material is PA66. It maintains strong strength and stiffness at higher temperatures. So the cable channel can be used inside of the car or truck safe.

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