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Automotive Connector Housing

Langrun Automotive Connector Housings are widely used in automotive, truck, bus, motorcycle industry. There are so many different types of terminal housing connectors, like oxygen sensor connector, fuel pump connector, pressure sensor connector, automotive ECU connector, automotive audio connector etc. Also you can see them in automotive lighting system and audio system. Langrun Automotive electrical connector housing is made of PBT with glass fiber. Because PBT has the advantages of good high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, dimensional stability and thermal resistance shape, it help us to produce high-performance automotive connector housing.

Types Of Automotive Connector And Housing

Langrun Electric supply widely variety automotive connectors, including wire-to-wire connector, wire-to-board connector, board-to board connector. They are used in different parts. Langrun Electric offer more solutions for choosing.

Automotive Connector Housing-FAQs

  • What's the mean of IATF16949:2016?

    IATF16949:2016 is an automotive quality management system standard. This standard is focus on providing for continual improvement, emphasizing defect prevention and the reduction of variation and waste in the supply chain.

    It defines the fundamental quality management system requirements for automotive production and relevant service parts organizations. All the automotive production should be meet the requirement of IATF16949:2016. 

  • What's the advantage of PA66?

    PA66 is the material with light, tough and durable, also have a high flame retardant and oxidation resistance. Compare with the plastic tie, have longer service life.

  • Why choose Langrun?

    More than 11 years experience in manufacturing kinds of automotive connector, cable ties and other relative products. Focus on the quality control with a strict control system. At the same time, Langrun have a professional technical team and research and development department to make sure to provide professional technical support and solution for the customers. As a Tier two supplier of Automotive OEMs,Langrun is good at designing and producing the products according to customer’s requirement.

The electrical performance

  • Contact resistance
    Contact resistance

    High quality connector should have low and stable contact resistance. The contact resistance of the connector ranges from a few milliohms to tens of milliohms.

  • Insulation resistance
    Insulation resistance

    Insulation resistance is a measure of the insulation performance between the contacts of electrical connectors and between the contacts and the housing. The order of magnitude ranges from hundreds of megabytes to thousands of megabytes.

  • Electrical strength
    Electrical strength

    Electrical strength, or voltage and dielectric voltage resistance, is the ability to withstand the rated test voltage between the contacts of the connector or between the contacts and the housing.

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