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Automotive Connector Wire Seal

Automotive connector wire seals are one part accessory matching with terminal and connector.

The main function is to prevent metal on metal contact and protect wiring and cables that pass through firewall and metal panels.Also It also prevents water and dust from entering the connector to keep the safe of the connection.

Automotive connector wire seals are made of flexible and durable rubber material, with good electrical resistance.

The outside diameter can be fromφ4 to φ18, the internal diameter can be as small toφ1.

Types of Langrun Electric Automotive Connector Wire Seal

Features of Automotive Connector Wire Seals

  • Easy to use

    High temperature resistance, mineral oil resistance, wear resistance, convenient resealing, easy installation.

  • Durable material

    Rubber material is flexible and durable, with good electrical resistance.

  • Multi-function

    Rubber wire seal prevents contact between metals and protects wires and cables that pass through firewalls and metal plates.

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