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Automotive Fuse Box

The automotive fuse box(or car fuse box) provide one central and secure location for mounting all of your fuses and relays, fuse and relay box for automotive helps you organize wiring, keep track of all your fuses and relays.

The auto fuse block is used in vehicles such as motorcycles, fleets, off-road, RV, and agricultural applications. The fuse circuit configuration in the relay in car fuse box is distinguished by "way". Langrun can provide 6~60 ways of automotive fuse box with relay, and can also provide customized size and shape of car fuse and relay box.

What is a fuse box in a car?

The automotive fuse box can integrate fuses and relays and is part of the automotive power distribution system. This combination makes the operation simpler, saves the assembly space of the car and effectively protects the circuit.

Car Fuse Box for Sale

Automotive Fuse Box-FAQs

  • What's the function of car fuse box?

    Most of the electrical appliances in the car need to be wired together. When the current in the circuit is abnormal, the fuse will fuses itself to protect the circuit of the vehicle.

  • Where are fuse boxes usually installed?

    There are usually two fuse boxes on the car. One is located in the engine compartment, is responsible for protecting the electrical safety of the vehicle's external electrical components, such as glass water, lights, horn, ABS, etc. The other one usually on the left side of the steering wheel, is responsible for protecting the proper functioning of appliances in the car, such as cigarette lighters, power seats, window lifts and airbags.

  • What's accessories in the fuse box?

    The automotive fuse box is assembled with plastic cover, fuse and relay, wash, terminals, bolt and relay mould.

  • What is the material of the car insurance box?


  • Is it possible to provide a busbar?

    Yes, we can provide busbar

  • What's the automotive fuse box?

    Fuse box is responsible for conveying driving information to all parts of the car body. It is a key part in the electronic control components of the car, and also one of the parts with high technical content and strict process requirements in the car body.

How to Change a Fuse in Fuse Box?

How to change a fuse in fuse box by yourself,please see the below steps,maybe will help you.
1.Find and remove the black cover of the fuse box and remove the screws on the fuse box.
2.Open the car fuse box, find the car manual, find the fuse number where the cigarette lighter power is located.
3.Use tweezers or pliers to remove the fuse from the box and replace it with a new fuse.

Automotive Fuse Box Manufacturer

We are automotive fuse box manufacturer.The auto fuse box we produce is committed to the safety protection of the parts of the circuit in the car.The fuse box is made from PA66, it has good mechanical strength and toughness, which can ensure the fuse box work in high temperature environment.There are many different types you can choose according to your requirements,we produce the fuse box with 6 way,9 way,16 way,20 way,24 way,26 way,30 way,60 way and so on.At the same time,Langrun Electric also supply the mating terminal and other accessories of the fuse box,we offer one-stop service for you.

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