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​Cable Tie

The cable tie produced by Langrun electric is divided into 1-Piece Fir tree cable tie, 2-Piece Fixing Ties with Fir Tree,1-PieceEdge clip cable tie, 2-piece Fixing Ties with Edge clip, Waterproof cable tie, Double loop cable tie, Fixing Tiefor Weld Stud, 2-piece Fixing Ties with Pipe clip, Arrowhead mount cable tie for round hole and Arrowhead mountcable tie for oval hole.

Different Types of Cable Ties Wraps

Cable Tie-FAQs

  • What is the Material of Langrun Cable Tie?

    Nylon PA66

  • Where is the Langrun Cable Tie Application?

    Langrun's cable ties are mainly used for fixing and tying car wiring harnesses on various plates.

  • What is the Temperature Range for Langrun Cable Ties?

    -40°C to + 105°C

  • What Are the Advantages of Fir-tree Cable Ties?

    t combines the functions of binding and fixing together, which reduces the cost and assembly time.

Cable Tie Selection

  • Automotive Cable Tie's Length
    Automotive Cable Tie's Length

    Cable ties are available in wide lengths ranges! Since cable ties will normally gettrimmed after installation, it's not a big deal if you buy them a little on the long side. If you think you'll need a variety of lengths, Langrun carries both small and large Cable Tie Kits, each containing nylon ties in assorted sizes.

  • Automotive Cable Tie's Material
    Automotive Cable Tie's Material

    Electrical able ties are available in a wide range of materials, each with its ownspecific properties. Among all the availble autmotibe cable ties, nylon ties are themost common.

  • Automotive Cable Tie's Special Features
    Automotive Cable Tie's Special Features

    Will a standard-design cable tie meet your needs, or does your cable-tying application call for a little extra "something"? Generally speaking, most automotivecable ties lock permanently, Langrun offers several types of releasable cable ties.

  • Automotive Cable Tie's Construction
    Automotive Cable Tie's Construction

    One-piece or two-piece? Cable ties with one-piece construction are exactly as theysound: each tie, including its locking mechanism, is a single unit, molded of onematerial. One-piece cable ties are typically lower in cost, and theyre good forapplications around the home or office. Two-piece cable ties are higher-performance.

Automotive Cable Tie Wraps-Features

At present, Langrun electric has as many as 300 types of cable tie wraps, including nylon cable/wire tie, nylon cable zip ties, wire zip ties, nylon cable/wire tie wraps, etc., and continues to develop new cable ties every year. The cable tieproduced by Langrun electric can reach 300,000,000pcs per year, and the quality is very stable.

The main material of Langrun nylon cable tie is PA66, which has the advantages of strong flame retardancy,insulation, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, non-aging, safety and non-toxicity, light weight andstrong bearing capacity. Between -4o℃ and 9o℃ degrees, it is an ideal choice to replace non-ferrous metals suchas engineering plastics, stainless steel and copper.

Use Of Cable Tie

Comparing these cable tie wraps with ordinary nylon tie wraps, Langrun electric's cable ties are mainly used to solve the

installation and fixing problems of electrical wiring harnesses inside vehicles. Due to the limited internal space of the car, electrical wiring harnesses need to be fixed on mounting panels of different shapes and different thicknesses. More than 300 cable ties of different specifications provided by Langrun electric solve these problems. Makes thewiring harness distribution inside the car more reasonable, high firmness, not easy to fall off.

The cable tie produced by Langrun electric through a fully automated assembly line has the characteristics of highstrength and strong cold resistance, which can meet the needs of users in different regions.   

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