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Double Loop Cable Tie

Langrun's Double Loop Cable Tie is suitable for the automotive industry, providing a solution for the binding and fixation of cables and wiring harnesses for the automotive industry, minimizing the number of parts.

The main performance of Double Loop zip Cable tie is that as long as the connector is connected to the wire harness and cable pipe, its design can make the cable tie rotate by 90°, should move flexible in relation to the fixing point. A coupler between two cables is a simple way to connect two cable straps so that two bundles can be wired in parallel. 

The special design of double loop cable tie allows the tie to rotate by 90 degrees. Ideal for relatively fixed and flexible cables, pipes or hoses. The coupler can be used with one or two cable ties. Subsequent installation or replacement of other cables, pipes or hoses may be permitted.

Lang run Electric's Double Loop zip Cable tie is made of high quality PA66 material, complying with IATF16949 quality system and Ross requirements.

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