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Quality Control

Langrun choose the digital quality management to make the quality control becomes simple and efficient, achieve quality excellence.There are 5 step of quality control:

1. IQC (Incoming Quality Control)

Improve incoming parts quality and supplier quality, reduce the risk of production interruption.

2. First Article Inspection

It's an important factor that affects the product quality in the production process.

3. IPQC(InPut Process Quality Control)

Monitor the process quality and change of the trend through the whole flow of production. Timely find the abnormal process, carry out correction, prevent the waste of resources.

4. Patrol Inspection Management

Effectively monitor inspection plans and schedules to improve employee productivity.

5. OQC(Outgoing Quality Control)

In order to strengthen product quality management, ensure stable delivery quality and improve product competitiveness.

Through the above 5 step inspection, product appearance, shape, color and performance are qualified, so that can delivery to our client.

  • IQC (Incoming Quality Control)
  • First Article Inspection
  • IPQC (InPut Process Quality Control)
  • Patrol Inspection Management
  • OQC (Outgoing Quality Control)
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