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Research & Development

With over 11-year experience in product development and mold design, Langrun carries 2,000 kinds of products and more than 400 sets of molds. Thanks to the strong research and development, Langrun is capable of product development and mold processing, which can provide independent engineering services or design in coordination with customers.

The research and development department is responsible for planning and implementing the company's mid and long-term product development strategy, which includes the development of new products, the introduction of new process technology (equipment), the application of new materials and so on.

Individual research and development department.

Langrun has set up a research and development department, focusing on the designing and manufacturing of automotive connecter solutions.

The core research and development team members of the center have more than ten years of industry experience and rich theoretical and practical experience.

They are professionals in basic research, design and application, process manufacturing, testing and other aspects.

Provide professional technical support and solution.

Langrun have our own professional technical team. Provide professional technical support and solution for all the customers.

Make a mold according to the drawing or photo as customer's requirement.

Langrun have a complete set of new product development process with advanced mold processing equipments, we are able to design and make molds according to customer's requirement.

Research & Development

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