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Solutions to Common Problems in the Production of Nylon Cable Ties

Ⅰ. Nylon cable tie

Nylon cable ties are more and more popular due to their fast binding, convenient use, wide variety, and suitable for binding various items. Many people began to invest in the cable tie industry. But for beginners, there will be many problems in the production of cable ties, and it takes a long period of exploration to produce products that meet the standards and high quality.

Ⅱ. Solutions to common problems in the production of nylon cable ties

1. The cable tie is not in place and often empty.

(1) The feeding of nylon cable tie machine is not in place. Solution: You can increase the feeding stroke of the nylon cable tie machine.

(2) The auxiliary feed blowing switch is not turned on. Solution: Turn on the auxiliary feed blow-up switch to make the auxiliary feed blow-up and connect to the compressed air.

(3) The guide rail is blocked, which makes it impossible to feed materials. Solution: Open the guide rail cover and clean the guide rail.

2. The nylon cable tie cannot be buckled and cannot be inserted into the cable tie hole.

(1) The front buckle stroke is too short. Solution: Increase the front deduction stroke.

(2) The cable tie deviates when it is perforated. Solution: Eliminate according to the above method.

(3) The position of the back buckle groove does not match the cable tie hole, which will cause the cable tie fixing to be not robust. Solution: Adjust the positions of the cable tie hole and the back buckle groove to keep the two positions consistent.

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